Imagine… No restrictive diet. No crazy exercise program.

How a 59-year-old Diabetic Man Slashed 80 points from his Fasting Blood Sugar — literally overnight!

Three days later, he stopped
taking insulin for good!

Drugs and Insulin failed to budge his dangerously high numbers. But then…

Hi while it may seem incredible, we have discovered an ancient almost forgotten 100% natural “Diabetes Herbal Remedy.”

This revolutionary “Diabetes Herbal Remedy” enables you to flip your blood sugar “switch” back ON…

So your body quickly and efficiently burns up all the sugar in your blood stream… like striking a match to gasoline!

Just last year, we recorded a massive success with this “Diabetes Herbal Remedy” which went ahead to help over 43,542 type 2 diabetics gain control of their blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, and allowed many of them to be taken off prescription drugs and stop blood sugar monitoring. 

This year we are on track to help over 100,000 diabetics achieve "the impossible".

The diabetes breakthrough you are about to discover on this page is twice as effective as the leading diabetes drug, at normalizing blood sugar.

Studies also show how patients are able to fix insulin resistance, reduce neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems.

These techniques have been secretly used successfully by thousands of people in over 16 states of Nigeria allowing them to lower their need for drugs and injections.

Scientifically Proven....

Just ask this 59-year-old "Mr. Okafor" who had to relocate from the United States to Nigeria out of Shame…

Mr. Okafor a Type II Diabetic whose blood sugar had been rising for years… so his doctor put him on 3 different blood sugar medication and 2 kinds of insulin.

But even with all that, his fasting glucose soared to dangerously high levels — bouncing between 200 and 275.

That’s organ-failure territory!

All that high sugar level thickened his blood and slowed his circulation. As a result, his vision got blurrier each day. His organs, hands, and feet were slowly starving to death, robbed of the nutrients they needed.

No wonder he lived in fear of the day — a day he prayed would never come — when his doctor would put a hand on his shoulder and break the bad news…

“Sorry, Mr. Okafor… we’re going to cut your foot.”

Mr. Okafor's wife out of disgrace and the financial burden on the family because of his health condition moved back to Nigeria.

Then, one Sunday night, alone on her phone, Mrs. Okafor stumbled upon our “Diabetes Herbal Remedy” she learned her husband could still have a chance at turning his blood glucose level back to normal without spending all their savings on buying drugs.

She had nothing to lose. So she put it to work that very night.

The next morning, Mrs. Okafor checked her husbands blood sugar and was shocked — his blood sugar had dropped 80 points!

She wondered if it was just a temporary change — would his blood sugar bounce back up again? To test this, she continued the plan that day and the next morning…

His blood sugar dropped again — 40 more points!

She was astonished: a drop of 120 points in just 2 days? She had never seen anything like it before.

But the amazing part was when she decided to stop taking insulin that very night. Understandably, she was worried — what if his blood sugar shot up during the night? What if he slipped into a diabetic coma?

Well, on the third day of following the Diabetes Herbal Remedy, both her and her husband were shocked to see that his numbers had stayed at their all-new low!

As a Result...

Mr. Okafor hasn’t taken a drop of insulin since!

This means they could pocket an extra $400 (N200,000) a month — that’s how much they used to pay for insulin out of their own money. That’s $5000 (N2,256,000) a year for him to keep.

Mr. Okafor says, “This was an epiphany.”

I am truly humbled to hear from people like Mr. Okafor… people who were desperate for a way to lower their high blood sugar… who hated taking a fistful of pills and injecting insulin every day…

…but who felt they had no other choice:

So their eyes light up like a Christmas tree when they discover they can watch their blood sugar numbers sink like a stone without pills or Insulin Injections!

Drugs Treat Symptoms, Not Disease

If we treat the symptoms of a condition, rather than the causes of the condition, we can be stuck treating them forever. Wouldn’t it be wiser to treat the causes of diabetes rather than the symptoms?

The groundbreaking information you will receive targets the causes of diabetes, which is why people see results so quickly, get off their medication, and end the need for insulin.

Let's compare how we treat diabetes to how we treat Malaria. What are the symptoms of Malaria? Fever and Headache. What is the cause of the Malaria itself?

A parasite carried by Mosquito. If we treat the symptoms of Malaria - bring down fever, will that cure the Malaria? No.

It will make you feel better, but it will not in any way make the malaria better because we haven't actually treated the Malaria itself. We simply treated the SYMPTOMS. You are still sick with Malaria, but now you feel a bit better.

Or another example. Let's say you broke your leg. What are the symptoms? Bleeding and lots of pain. If you take pain killers and wrap your leg in a bandage to stop the bleeding, have you fixed your broken leg?

No, you simply treated the symptoms. You still have a problem - the broken leg.

So how does this compare to diabetes? Exactly the same. What are the symptoms of diabetes? High blood sugar and insulin resistance.

What do doctors prescribe? Pills to lower blood sugar and insulin to help with insulin resistance. Have you actually done anything to treat diabetes itself? No. You have simply treated the SYMPTOMS of it.

So again, you are still sick, you still have a problem, but now you feel a little better.

Warning Signs

When you get sick, your body shows symptoms. Shouldn't you treat the underlying disease and not the symptoms?

Imagine a car. Something is wrong in the engine. A red warning light turns on - a symptom of a faulty engine. What would you do? Treat the red warning light or the actual engine?

Modern medical and pharmaceutical industry treats the red warning light.

This is exactly what you do every single day by taking diabetes drugs or insulin - you aren't treating diabetes, you are treating the red warning lights - high blood sugar and insulin resistance.

This is precisely why no prescription drug or insulin injection has ever prevented, stopped or reversed diabetes - and yet they are the only things doctors prescribe.

Compared to natural herbal based treatments that actually HAVE prevented and totally reversed diabetes, doctors still only prescribe completely useless and very dangerous drugs.

The big question you have to ask is Why should you continue taking something that has proven to NOT work?


If you have diabetes, you simply cannot continue this way - sooner rather than later you WILL die; either from diabetes, its complications, or side-effects from the drugs you take. 

And it won't be quietly in your sleep either. Getting rushed to the hospital while the doctors and Nurses break all of your ribs giving you CPR will be hell on earth.

Spending your last moments with tubes and pumps and ventilators in unbearable agony, you will wish you did something sooner.

If you are OK with slowly losing your vision and then going blind as diabetes destroys the blood vessels in your eyes causing them to wither and die, if you're perfectly fine with dying 9 years earlier, possibly not waking up tomorrow, dropping dead at any moment or having your legs cut.

If you are OK with not seeing your kids or grandkids grow up, then please, close this page and go back to what you were doing.

Each cell in our bodies has a blood sugar “switch”…

When the switch is “ON”, our cells burn the sugar from meals… just as soon as we eat.

That means you can eat ice cream, a candy bar, whatever — and all that sugar gets burned up as energy.

Maybe you’ve even known people like that… people who can eat whatever they want without worry. Lucky devils.

Well, this is why — their Blood Sugar Switch is “ON.”

But for many of us, our switch turns “OFF.”

What does this?

And, how can you fix this? to not take into account the huge amount of research that proves diabetes is reversible.

We couldn't just sit there and watch as millions of diabetics suffer their whole lives, waste money on useless treatments, and then still die of horrible complications.

This is why we have assembled a team who have already used these scientifically proven methods to treat many diabetes patients with enormous success.

We think you deserve to know the truth about our medical system, food and drug system, and health policy.
You deserve to be informed about the variety of safer, cheaper and faster methods other than drugs, injections or surgery for treating and beating your diabetes.

Today, We'd like to give you this framework of knowledge that you can use to begin your path to health today.

You can take your health back into your own hands. You can free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings, daily drug intake and even prevent the horrible health complications that await diabetics down the road.

We have assembled hundreds of suppressed scientific Herbal studies and powerful medical research into an easy to understand step by step health Video guide called "Herbal Diabetes Remedy". It has already been used to help tens of thousands of diabetics all over Nigeria.

Learn the truth about these life changing scientifically proven diabetes treatment methods and embark on the path to kicking your diabetes' butt for good.

Herbal Diabetes Remedy

Clear Your Diabetes II In

2 days

Success Stories:

my husband's blood glucose level has come back to normal ( 154mg random blood glucose)….

I can't be more grateful to you sir, this information and the fruit has saved my Husband from dying of Diabetes. I flew him from United States down to Nigeria, because the disgrace was becoming to unbearable for me and my little kids.

But after purchasing this information and applying the step by step instructions stated in it, my husband's blood glucose level has come back to normal ( 154mg random blood glucose).

Thank you God Almighty for this natural healing fruit.

Mrs. Lizzy Okafor  //  From IMO State

On day 3 it dropped from 130mg/dl to 98mg/dl (fasten blood glucose level)….

Sir, unbehalf of my Siblings, I wish to thank you immensely for this natural product information. Just two days after we gave it to my father, we noticed a drastic decrease in the number of times urinating...on the third day, we ran a Blood Glucose Test with our family kit, lo and behold the sugar level dropped from 130mg/dl to 98mg/dl (fasten blood glucose level).

We are very much grateful.

Mrs. Tayo Fumilayo //  Akure

Here's What You'll Find In the 

Herbal Diabetes Remedy

Here is what You'll find in the Herbal Diabetes Remedy Video..

  1. 1
    How and where to get this Miraculous Herbal Fruit that cures Diabetes type 2.  
  2. 2
    Do as I do - Step by Step Video, showing you How to use and prepper this fruit.
  3. 3
    How to make sure your sugar level drops to the exact level you desire.. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Has your doctor ever offered you a written guarantee? What about the drugs you take; do they guarantee results? Well we do. This is why you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our #1 goal is to help you with an easy to use guide that you can start using today. We don’t want a penny of your money if our program doesn’t completely overhaul your life for the better.

This is why we extend to you this written 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason - send us an email and we will refund all of your money.

We hope this takes the pressure off of your decision
and eases your mind about trying our risk-free program.

“How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?”

You will be getting a comprehensive do as I do Video of scientifically proven, doctor verified information that you will not find anywhere else, not even hospitals.

Think about how much time and money you can save!

  • The average diabetic spends over $750 (N350,000) every year on medication, pumps, blood sugar monitors, testing strips, syringes, needles, foot care... imagine being free of this burden.
  • Monthly cost of dialysis treatments for diabetics runs into the millions.
    The time spent going to doctors, specialists, checkups - something you won't have to do as often anymore.
  • Think about all the diabetic complications you can potentially avoid; heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, higher risk of cancer, amputations and so many other horrible ailments that many diabetics will face.

After releasing our Video guide to be evaluated by doctors and other health professionals, we were told that we need to price this book in the hundreds of thousands because of the information inside.

We were advised by people in the industry that the value of the book is over N220,000. For the amount of work we put in, that price seemed fair. We know that the information in the book can save lives, but we don't want to profit off others suffering. We want to help as many people as possible.

This is why we settled on a bargain basement reduced price ofJust N17,000. But we don't know how long we can keep the price so low. If our operating costs go up, so will the price of the book.

After releasing our Video guide to be evaluated by doctors and other health professionals, we were told that we need to price this book in the hundreds of thousands because of the information inside.

A Choice That is Worth Making - NOW

Do you leave this page and go back to the same old routine of taking prescription drugs, injections and trying weird diets? None of which have worked for you or the hundreds of millions of diabetics around the world.

Or do you try our revolutionary, scientifically proven and satisfaction guaranteed "Herbal Diabetes Remdy" method to get your health back on track?

The choice is up to you.

Remember, we guarantee that our methods work - or you get your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Join Over 3,000 Happy Recovered Diabetics.

The number of times she visits the convenient to urinate reduced after 3 days

After my mother took the medicine for 3 days, we started noticing a drastic improvement. The number of times she visits the convenient to urinate reduced. Today she is perfectly okay. Thank you sir and to this natural fruit... me and my Siblings will come show appreciation to you for sharing this information. 

Ms Juliet Okorie  //  From Owerri

If you have any questions, comments or concerns don't hesitate to write us at [email protected]...



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